It is a girl with a beautiful smile and soul, she knows how to appreciate people effort and she embraces all that she get, she always has a lot of energy to do more and achieve more in life when she came to Mary Rice, Mary’s speech was poor and she didn’t know how to express herself well neither on how to socialize with other children but since she received help at the Mary Rice Centre she has improved a lot, she is able to talk well and she has gained a lot of confidence in her socializing life. On her side life has not given her too many choices to make her dreams come true, she might not understand much about her life but being happy is all she that she understands.

Mary has a spirit that doesn’t die and a soul that can stand all obstacle, my reason for saying this is very clear, that despite Mary being mentally changed she has found a reason and purpose to appreciate life, apart from that she has been able to access basic learning skills just like any child should, and that on my part is a success story. It may not be big but is the best that Mary Rice Centre accomplished, because by giving a lot of differently abled children a reason to dream, they have touched their life and given their being a meaning.

Mary is a student in St Kizito training Centre and at the moment she is training in catering. She may not take all the knowledge that she is being taught but for her the little she gets is just enough for her to go on and catch up with other student no matter how slow she goes, she will get their someday, because all she need is her determination and willingness to learn and she will achieve her dreams.

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