The visit from Goethe institute will never be forgotten at the Mary Rice centre. The memories that the Goethe Institute marked in us will not be forgotten with the children, parents and the staff of the Mary Rice. About 100 young and energetic youth surprised us greatly carrying a bag of rice, maize among other things that they donated to the Centre. Goethe institute is a non -profit German cultural association which is promoting the study of the German language abroad and encouraging international cultural exchange and relations among student from different parts of the world.IMAG0318IMAG0272

The students were fully prepared for all the activities of the day, to start off they divided themselves into three groups, one which was in charge of cleaning, the second was to do the cooking and the rest of the group which was in a large number was to interact and play with the children.  The group did a splendid job and everything went a planned.

Children and parents activities participated and mingled freely with the visitors. The various activities helped the children to express themselves and show case different talents and gifts thus enhancing their social interaction skills and boost their confidence.

Thy brought a number of goods for the children ranging from food staff, pampers, detergents, clothing, fruits and many more. This was a good gesture and we at the Mary Rice very happy and grateful for all they did for us.

A Piece of Mary Rice in Hobart

On February 27 St Virgil’s College opened and blessed its new canteen amphitheatre on its Austins Ferry campus in Hobart, Australia. A defining feature of the amphitheatre is a large artwork which highlights the College’s ‘strategic star’ and its link to the Edmund Rice Education Charter and the Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic education.

Featured under the heading of ‘Leadership’ is a picture of Mary Rice Centre Director Br Gerald Mgalula and St Virgil’s Principal Mr Damian Messer. The photo was taken at the Centre last year when Mr Messer visited as part of the Carrigg Karibu program.

The artwork is a daily reminder of the strong link between St Virgil’s College and the Mary Rice Centre students and their community.

Canteen Wall


Ten of children have exhibited great improvement in social skills and independence in activities of daily living such the ability to feed them and attained toilet training, who have been with us for a period of three years for most of them. The Centre has been able to facilitate their transition to special schools and Vocational Schools.IMG_472820150113_101145 - Copy - Copy

Among the children who successfully moved to another stage were Racheal, Vincent, Caroline and Donald who joined Nile road special school. Victor and Mary joined Marianne Vocational Training Centre for mentally handicapped where they will be trained on bead work and tailoring. David and Denis have joined Special School for physical handicapped.  Sheila and Titus joined the school for the deaf. Erick has joined mainstream school.

IMG_463220150112_093248 - Copy (2)

We acknowledge the financial support from Edmund Rice Schools in Australia and Ireland through the Edmund Rice Foundation Australia and Edmund Rice Development we have been able to facilitate the transition of the children successfully.


Today was a wonderful day for Mary Rice Centre, it was one of those unexpected thing that we never saw them coming and this time we can admit that this one of those few miracles that came to be after a long time. For such a long time we have been wishing and searching for a way that we could engage our neighbours and other people in our surrounding to support us in one way or another but that has not been possible until today when we were visited by Cleanshef Supermarket.20150206_13562420150206_135315

This is the first local supermarket that has visited the Centre and extended their support to us. We did not expect their coming so this was a big surprise to all of us both the children, parents and staff of Mary Rice Centre; along with them they brought food packages and many other things for the children from their supermarket, this was a wonderful gesture.


It is not what they brought that made the day important but just that they took their time from their own occupation and duties to come and see and spend time with us and the children at the Centre. We were very touched and happy for this act of kindness that they showed us today, this will remain in our memories be very much treasured and appreciated for it is one in a million.


it is with great sadness that we announce the accident of one of our child to our followers, friend, sponsor and well wisher and the rest of the Mary Rice family, .the year ended yet with another tragedy at the centre, one of the children at the centre called Purity Achieng was in involved in a train accident that happen yesterday evening in kibera slum after she went missing from her home only to be found today 31th morning in the kenyatta004National hospital.

Purity lost both her legs and one of her arm which were amputated following the accident.

Purity is the girl right in the middle of the photo.


Today at the centre was such an inspiring day, we may have gone through tough challenges for the last few day but God had a better plan for us. we were visited by safaricom senior manager Nora Mbaya and Benard from M-pesa department today who wishes to support the centre, this was surely a big blessing to the centre and the children.IMG_4537

we were very happy that they wished to support the children in their own best way.


We have officially  closed today for the December holiday, we released all the children so as t go and prepare for the Christmas holiday,w did this in accordance to the government requirement that all school should be closed 14th of this months.IMG_4527IMG_4506

Despite the tragedy  that occurred at the centre the children were presented with a Christmas gift hen going back home.the centre will resume January 6th 2015.