The 2016 year started with a lot of blessing for the Mary Rice Centre. Although there has been a lot of challenged in the past two week, we thank God for his mercy and grace that He has shown us. Last week we were visited by cleanshelf supermarket who have been our close partners in supporting the children of Mary Rice with food staff that they get from their supermarket, they have not only been supporting us with food alone but also fruits that they buy for our children monthly through the contribution boxes we have in their supermaket.


We the Mary Rice family were so happy this year because they helped us in buying food staff for the children for the whole month of January, both the parent and the children were so excited for the gift they received because this will really help us a lot with the cutting down the cost of the whole month. Among the staff they brought was wheat flour, rice, cooking oil, sugar, snacks, salt, tissues, toothpastes and many other things which will be of great use for a period of time.
On behalf of the parents and children of Mary Rice Centre I take this opportunity to show our gratitude to clean shelf supermarket for their assistance and support, ever since they started supporting us in 2014 until now. We express our sincerest gratitude for the support and good work that they do in supporting children who are differently abled through us around Kibera. May God bless you abundantly and bless the work of your hands us you have done with us.



It was all smiles as Purity left the hospital bed where she has spent 8 months. Purity was hit by a train on 30th December 2014. The accident resulted in the amputation of both her legs and left arm.

Purity’s story is one of resilience amidst life’s greatest challenges. Even though Purity has been mentally handicapped since birth, her mother, a single parent, has never abandoned her in all the challenges that came as a result of being mentally handicapped. As if that was not enough for this single mother living in the heart of Kibera, this most recent tragedy has struck.

 Through the very generous support from Anthony Ryan and Louise Allison, Purity’s mother has been able to support her other two children, while staying with Purity next to her hospital bed for the last 8 months. Anthony and Louise are angels sent by God to mama

Purity. Through them, she knows that God has not abandoned her. She wishes to express her deep gratitude to them and to the Gone Fishin’ group that visited her in the Hospital. We look forward to welcoming Purity back to School when school re-opens next month.


Br Gerald Mgalula

Director MRC


The Mary Rice staff was privileged to meet with the Member of the County Assembly for Langata  County Alex Otieno for lunch. This was a wonderful day for the Mary Rice staff  to express our gratitude for his support. Present was Brother George Massay the Deputy District leader.

Picnic Day at Rock City

Mary Rice children and Staff were given a rare opportunity to visit Rock City, a venue of the picnic, where everyone, especially the children, enjoyed this trip out of the city. This was a fun-filled day that took place just before the Centre closes for the August holiday.

At Rock city, the children were treated to fun-filled games: boat rides; Toddlers’ Splash (an inflatable toddler swimming pool with a slide); swings; a merry go-round; and a motor-cycle track. Amazingly, some of the children knew how to swim better than the staff!

Picnic Rock City 512

The food was very good and plentiful. The children expressed their excitement and happiness on this trip by asking that the next trip should come sooner!

Picnic Rock City 415

The staff too were very happy and excited that everything had went according to plan and that every child returned home feeling happy.

Picnic Rock City 352

To the supporters of Mary Rice Centre, we thank you for the continued support and more specifically for supporting this trip, which was so beneficial to the children in many aspects.Picnic Rock City 690

Picnic Rock City 403

Picnic Rock City 208

Gerald Mgalula


Australian High Commissioner Visits Mary Rice Centre

HC Visits MRC

The afternoon of Monday June 8 witnessed a beehive of activities to welcome the Australian High Commissioner to Kenya, His Excellency Mr John Feakes who made an informal visit with his family to the Mary Rice Centre.

Parents and members of staff together with the pupils, joined hands to welcome our special guests, showing their appreciation by singing songs of praise to God the Almighty.

The Area Chief also graced the occasion together with other visitors from the locality.

In his speech, His Excellency the High Commissioner expressed how humbled he was to witness the great work that Mary Rice staff are doing in serving the needy children. He thanked them for their generosity and commitment in their service of the children and their families for the warm welcome extended to him and his family.

His Excellency commented that the experience of visiting Mary Rice is an eye opener for him. The High Commissioner also visited some of the homes in Kibera slum from where some of the children at Mary Rice live. In a very moving testimony, a parent of a child of Mary Rice explained how his daughter who is handicapped and was not able to stand up on her own is now able to walk. He thanked the donors in Australia who have made this possible.

In his farewell, the High Commissioner promised to pay another visit to the Centre in the not too distant future.

HC Visits MRC 2

As members of Mary Rice, we thank God for the wonderful gift of friends.

Cylus Juma

Ray of Hope for Virgilian House

Last year, Mary Rice Centre purchased a nearby house to be used for programs which help parents of children with disabilities develop income-generating activities. It is named Virgilian House in recognition of the support of the St Virgil’s College community in Hobart.

For over a year, the Centre has been harassed by another agency over its right to use this house. This controversy reached serious dimension recently when some local youths demolished the wall of Virgilian House. The neighbour eventually put up a gate and locked it, blocking access to the house.

Br Gerald Mgalula, Director of Mary Rice Centre, has had countless visits to the various Government offices seeking help so that the parents of children of the Mary Rice Centre can continue uninterrupted with their income-generating activities.

His unrelenting efforts finally resulted in success. On Friday June 5, Nairobi County Chief of Staff George Wainaina, flanked by Joash Olum (Member of Parliament –Langata), Alex Otieno (Member of County Assembly), Richard Juma (Chief of Mugumoini Location) and about one hundred parents and friends of Mary Rice Centre, gathered at the site on which Virgilian House is situated to have the stand-off between the owner of the Good Heart Foundation and the Centre resolved.

The Chief of Staff, after inspecting the grounds, promised that on Monday June 8 the County Surveyor would come and divide the property into two and give occupancy licenses to the Good Heart Foundation and the Mary Rice Centre respectively.

This outcomes is a great relief to parents, staff, and all those who are interested in the wellbeing of the Mary Rice Centre. The leaders who visited were moved by the great ministry that Mary Rice is rendering to the disadvantaged children and expressed their disappointment with anyone who is blocking this service delivery to the underprivileged of our society.

Virgilian House

L–‐R Joash Olum (MP Langata), George Wainaina (Chief of Staff Nairobi County, Alex Otieno (Member of County Assembly) with parents and friends of the Mary Rice community.


An unfortunate incident happened this week in which the youth of

Kibera, after being incited demolished the perimeter wall of the

Vigilian house. The house is used for income generating activities by

parents of Mary Rice Children. Gerald Mgalula, the Director of Mary

Rice, is making follow-ups with the authorities to resolve the situation.