A Young Soul That Never Gives Up!

In this life it is very hard to understand how to help, and sometimes you feel so discouraged when you wish to but there is very little you can offer. Meet Trizah Nanjala, a young girl who was involved in a hit and run road traffic accident which caused her severe head injury and went into a coma for three months. After she regained her consciousness she lost her speech and her right side of the body was paralysed. So far she has regained her speech even though it is slurred but she is not able to walk. Her mother carries her every day for the therapy because she doesn’t own a wheel chair nor does she even have enough meal for her stomach.

The little food they get from the Mary Rice Centre is sometimes the only food they will have for the whole day. Trizah’s father left her after the accident and has not been seen since. With the casual job she gets, Trizah’s pays for her house rent and support her other children. Life is so challenging for her most especially because Trizah needs all the attention and she can’t give that when she is the only one all her children are looking up to.

Jasmine Jerusa

Trizah jpeg

Australian High Commisioner visits Mary Rice


It was with real pleasure that we welcomed Mr Geoff Tooth, the Australian High Commissioner to East Africa to the Mary Rice Centre for the Opening celebrations. Pictured above his him congratulating David on giving the welcome speech.

The Mary Rice Centre is now fully operational at its new location, thanks to the support of donors, in particular Misean Cara,  Edmund Rice Foundation  (Australia) and St Virgil’s College, Hobart, Tasmania.   A special banner highlighting the vision and mission of the centre is proudly hanging on the front wall.


Approximately 80 students, parents and friends were present at the opening ceremony, not too mention the Brothers and of course staff of centre.  Titus has the privilege of teaching both Brother George Massay and the high commissioner how to cut the ribbon.


To commemorate the day, Jerusa wrote a special song,  “A home for every child” which was used during the blessing service.  For those of you who weren’t able to join us on the day, we have made a special video.

Official Opening of the Mary Rice Centre

Invitation To Opening Mary Rice Centre Friday September 20, 2013.

Brothers and members of the Edmund Rice Network are invited to the opening of the new Mary Rice Centre Building, at 10.30 am on Friday September 20 at the Charles Lwanga Centre, Kibera. Special guests for the occasion will be the local area chief, a representative of the Consulate of Ireland (Misean Cara has been the major contributor to the building project) and the Australian High Commissioner Mr Geoff Tooth (Edmund Rice Foundation Australia has been a significant contributor to the building and St Virgil’s College, Hobart, Australia has been a major contributor to the recurrent funding of the Mary Rice Centre).

After the ceremony, lunch will be served at the nearby St Kizito Training Centre.

Russell Peters

A Wonderful Day for Gillian and MRC

On Monday September 2 the third term commenced in a very happy moment for Gillian Amondi. She has been at the centre for three years and the oldest student at aged 20 years old. Gillian has joined the Marianne Centre, training centre for young adults with physical and mental disabilities. The Marianne Centre is about 45 Kilometres from Nairobi and offers the following skills: bead making, basket making, mat making, dress making, soap, shampoo and detergent making.

For the last year we have been looking for a vocational training centre which was very difficult to find space for her, as there are few centres with vacancies and most are full. We hope the centre will provide her with necessary skills which will enable her to become independent in the future.

We are sincerely grateful for the individuals and institutions who support us, especially Edmund Rice Schools in Australia such as St Virgil’s College, Tasmania for their financial support which enables Mary Rice Centre to reach out those in need, especially children with physical and mental disabilities.



A Bit of St Virgil’s at MRC

MRC Photo wallSVC Animlas MRCThe new term has commenced at the Mary Rice Centre with some added colour in the classroom – a number of stunning posters, a gift from Mr Tim Birthisel’s Grade 4 St Virgil’s College, Hobart class. Tim spent three months in Kenya in 2012 and is well aware of the significant contribution the Mary Rice Centre makes to the special children from Kibera.

As MRC Director Brother Gerald noted, “our classes are beautiful because of you St Virgil’s College”.

We wish all students well for the new term ahead.

MRC Director Visits Tasmania

ImageMary Rice Centre Director Br Gerald Mgalula this week spent time at St Virgil’s College, Hobart meeting students from the Junior and Senior campus. He thanked the students for their financial and prayerful support of the Centre and reinforced the significant impact that the College’s fundraising efforts make to the lives of students at the Centre. “Asante sana St Virgil’s College”.

St Virgil’s College/Carrigg Karibu Programme Visit

Mr Mark Waddington, Director of Development from St Virgil’s College Hobart, Australia recently visited the Mary Rice Centre with other members of the 2013 Carrigg Karibu Programme. Mr Waddington presented Principal Br Gerald and Administrator Br Russell Peters with gifts from the College. Students from St Virgil’s fundraise each year to support the operation of the Centre and the specially abled students it educates.