About us

Mary Rice Centre is a faith based organization under the Management of the Congregation of Christian Brothers, which started in the year 2007. The Centre supports children with disabilities through basic learning skills, prevocational and vocational skills, therapy services and outreach program. It also supports the parents of the children through skill training and income generating activities in bead work, tailoring and dressmaking.
The Centre is situated in Mugumoini location in Langata sub – county opposite Langata view apartments.


A society that respects, appreciates, understands and recognizes the dignity of persons with disability.


To enhance the dignity of excluded and marginalized persons with disability through the provisions of basic holistic, social, educational and therapeutic services and empowering the families as challenged by the gospel of Jesus Christ and inspired by the spirit of our founder Edmund Rice.


  • Love for God and neighbor
  • Respect for life with all its
  • dignity
  • Integrity
  • Care for the environment


  • To realize the potential of children with disability through access to basic education, life skills, activities of daily living (ADL) and vocational training.
  • To improve the health, physical, occupational and cognitive abilities of the children through provision of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.
  • To empower the parent of children with disability in particular and other members of the community in general offer improved care to these children (outreach)
  • To empower parents through provision of vocational, business skills and means so that they can generate income for family welfare To advocate and to network for the right and dignity of marginalized and disabled children and people with disabilities
  • To strengthen the organisational capacity of the Centre



  • Basic learning skills in number work activities and language
  • Pre-vocational and vocational skills in beadwork, painting and drawing
  • Activities of daily living such as feeding, toileting, bathing and grooming


  • To carry out assessment of children with disability so as to plan for appropriate intervention measure
  • Maintain and improve Joint Range of Motion (JRM)
  • Facilitation and Inhibition of muscle tone
  • To prepare and avail appropriate modifications and adaptations of equipment and aids in according to the need of a child , such as sitting aid, walker etc
  • Carry out home visits and offer appropriate home programs.


  • To offer skill training to parents such as beadwork, tailoring and dressmaking
  • To organize workshops and seminar for raising awareness in the area of disability.
  • To monitor and evaluate the Income Generating Activities
  • To guide parents identify markets where they can sell their products.


  • To Identify and enroll children with disability to the centre
  • To advocate for the rights of children with disability
  • Networking with other NGO’S and institutions which are involved with issues regarding disabilities
  • To avail our services to the children especially to those who cannot access the Centre through home training program.
  • Conducting home visits to monitor the progress of children in our program


For day-to-day operations, the centre is directed by Br. Gerald Mgalula who takes overall responsilbity fo the smooth running of the centre.  Teaching is coordinated by Catherine with the help of Sharon, who volunteers regularly in the centre. Esther  is a trained occupational therapist and Jerusa oversees the micro-finance program. All of the staff work closely with each other, all of the time. Together we enjoy teaching children music.

Centre staff (L) Catherine, Easter, Sharon, Jerusa & Gerald

Centre staff (L) Catherine, Esther, Sharon, Jerusa & (Br.) Gerald


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