St Virgil’s College Walks for Mary Rice Centre

Today over 800 students, staff and parents have come together to celebrate Mary Rice Day in Hobart Tasmania. A highlight of the day is the Walkathon where students walk laps of the College grounds to raise funds for their brothers and sisters at the Mary Rice Centre.

The walkathon is the culmination of four months of fundraising activities that will enable to the College to make a significant donation to the Mary Rice Centre to assist with its operational costs for 2017/2018.

On Saturday Acting Principal Terry Blizzard will leave Hobart and make the journey to Kibera to visit the specially abled children of the Centre and to bring with him the prayers and best wishes of the St Virgil’s College community. In the Mary Rice Centre Liturgy prior to the Walkathon Mr Blizzard commended the boys on their courage; “I am proud that as a school community we have had the courage to stand with our brothers and sisters from the Mary Rice Centre and to pray and raise funds on their behalf. We have not accepted the inequity that exists between human beings in Australia and Africa and have had the courage to do something about it. This is what our readings of the Gospels challenge us to do and what our founder Blessed Edmund Rice did when he set up his first school in Waterford – have courage the good seed will grow”. 

Mary Rice Day continues the strong two way partnership that exists between the Centre and St Virgil’s College. Director Br Gerald has spent time at St Virgil’s and is in regular contact with senior staff at the College. The activities of the Centre are very much in the hearts of the boys of St Virgil’s College as they live out the school motto – “by deeds, not words alone”.





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