The session kicked off well with the Mary Rice staff listening to the Edmund Rice song. After the song the facilitator who was Br. Bill asked the participants to reflect on the words of the song and how they are relevant to their current life situation.


Br. Bill then started by asking very deep questions like do you have the power to change the world? How can you change the world? The participants responded well and agreed Yes everyone can change the world one child at a time through touch.IMG_20160226_092702

We looked at different great people who changed the world through doing simple small things that had great impact like Mother Teresa, Edmund and Jesus.

Then we proceeded to the next question which was, how have the children at Mary Rice Centre affected you? What disability do you have? And where did Mary Rice come from?

After that we went into the next session where we looked at the Edmund Rice portrait and discussed different quotes from Edmund. Br. Bill explained to us the different photos in the portrait and what they meant. Something outstanding was the black colour throughout the portrait that simplified the many challenges Edmund faced. Then the spiral with orange colour, which represented the spirit of Edmund and Bill.

From the different quotes of Edmund what was outstanding was that love is more valuable than silver and gold, and that when we pray we should pray for what will make us a better person but not what we want and that we should pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depended on us.

Finally we concluded b Br. Bill asking us how working in Mary Rice and Christian Brothers has impacted our lives either positively or negatively and what can be done to make sure that the spirit of Edmund runs even after the Brothers leave.

At the end Br. Bill explained to us that his role is to help all organizations under Christian Brothers internalize what Christian Brothers are about and the way they do things and their charism, which is to Recognize that all children have rights and make sure all children live with dignity and even after they leave the charisma will still be alive.

We finished with the Edmund Rice prayer.

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