At last the long awaited fun day had arrived. Since the time we had received the invitation from Brother Bausang, we had been pre-empting on how the say would be and indeed it turned out to be one of a kind. We arrived at Brother Bausang at 9:00 am. We were 7 staffs from Mary Rice and 16 children. One could already read the mood and the excitement from the children’s face. We were welcomed with a cup of tea, introduced to the rest of the staff and later taken round the school to see all the activities there.


Later we went to the field that was outside the school and it was the exact place where the event would take place. The colourful PE-kits made the whole thing exciting. The music too was really enjoyed by many and we could see children and their teachers dancing and swinging their hips and wiggling their legs. They were dancing to the tune and singing along and our own staff Teacher Naomi was not left behind too. The activities were many. They included filling and emptying, racing, balancing, tag of war and many others. Our children participated well and conducted themselves well.

We went to take our lunch at 1:00 pm and later in the afternoon went back to the field. The activities became even more exciting than before. The parents and the children were equally involved. The staff too participated in all the activities and cheering. It was a day well spent both for the parents, staff and the children.

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