Everyday I look at my boss and I feel very inspired! When people talk about down to earth people, then in Br Gerald this is exactly what defines this well used statement! Sometimes I look at him and wonder what really inspires him to do the thing he does, and how he does it. He is so amazing, kind hearted, compassionate and very generous with children.

Today I was amazed when he picked one of the children who was very hyperactive and placed him on his back to calm him down.  He walked with him clinging on his  back making his way around the whole compound without caring about who was looking. Brother Gerald will never cease to amaze me because he is surely one of a kind!


Since the team at MRC has worked with him he has regularly surprised all the staff and parents at Mary Rice Centre and even the people we work with in the same compound. We have seen him do all kinds of activities, not usually done by a boss of a school – and yet he continues to do so to inspire , entertain and support the children of the Centre.

He is one man who will bend and help his staff in mopping the classroom for the children, wash the children who have an accident, help in cooking, help in fetching water when their is no water in the compound,feeding the children in class and amazingly help all the staff when need be.

The most amazing thing is that above everything else he does, he love spending time with the children in class instead of his office. Without doubt he is a God send and he continues to inspire the staff who so gladly work with him!


This is a story of a young boy at the Mary Rice Centre who made tremendous change in a very little time span. Richard is 4 years old which makes him the youngest child in Mary Rice currently,he was admitted in Mary Rice Centre on 11th january 2016 when he became part of the family. the boy is mentally fit, the only challenge that he has is physical, he has a condition called Hemiparesis,this is a condition which causes entire weakness of left or right of the body.

when he was admitted he could barely walk and even standing proved to be a challenge for him,then he started therapy sessions with the occupational therapist(O.T) at the centre three weeks ago, he had therapy sessions everyday for three weeks until this week on tuesday when he made his first steps. This was like a miracle that wasn’t expected to happen because last week he tried to move from the chair he was seated only to fall and hurt his head so bad.


His determination and trying finally payed off and us the Mary Rice family we can not be more grateful and thankful to God for a very skilled occupational therapist that has brought a lot of change to the Mary Rice Children. This was such a big success for him, the mother and the O.T for the improvement he had shown in a very short time.