The 2016 year started with a lot of blessing for the Mary Rice Centre. Although there has been a lot of challenged in the past two week, we thank God for his mercy and grace that He has shown us. Last week we were visited by cleanshelf supermarket who have been our close partners in supporting the children of Mary Rice with food staff that they get from their supermarket, they have not only been supporting us with food alone but also fruits that they buy for our children monthly through the contribution boxes we have in their supermaket.


We the Mary Rice family were so happy this year because they helped us in buying food staff for the children for the whole month of January, both the parent and the children were so excited for the gift they received because this will really help us a lot with the cutting down the cost of the whole month. Among the staff they brought was wheat flour, rice, cooking oil, sugar, snacks, salt, tissues, toothpastes and many other things which will be of great use for a period of time.
On behalf of the parents and children of Mary Rice Centre I take this opportunity to show our gratitude to clean shelf supermarket for their assistance and support, ever since they started supporting us in 2014 until now. We express our sincerest gratitude for the support and good work that they do in supporting children who are differently abled through us around Kibera. May God bless you abundantly and bless the work of your hands us you have done with us.