The visit from Goethe institute will never be forgotten at the Mary Rice centre. The memories that the Goethe Institute marked in us will not be forgotten with the children, parents and the staff of the Mary Rice. About 100 young and energetic youth surprised us greatly carrying a bag of rice, maize among other things that they donated to the Centre. Goethe institute is a non -profit German cultural association which is promoting the study of the German language abroad and encouraging international cultural exchange and relations among student from different parts of the world.IMAG0318IMAG0272

The students were fully prepared for all the activities of the day, to start off they divided themselves into three groups, one which was in charge of cleaning, the second was to do the cooking and the rest of the group which was in a large number was to interact and play with the children.  The group did a splendid job and everything went a planned.

Children and parents activities participated and mingled freely with the visitors. The various activities helped the children to express themselves and show case different talents and gifts thus enhancing their social interaction skills and boost their confidence.

Thy brought a number of goods for the children ranging from food staff, pampers, detergents, clothing, fruits and many more. This was a good gesture and we at the Mary Rice very happy and grateful for all they did for us.

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