Today was a wonderful day for Mary Rice Centre, it was one of those unexpected thing that we never saw them coming and this time we can admit that this one of those few miracles that came to be after a long time. For such a long time we have been wishing and searching for a way that we could engage our neighbours and other people in our surrounding to support us in one way or another but that has not been possible until today when we were visited by Cleanshef Supermarket.20150206_13562420150206_135315

This is the first local supermarket that has visited the Centre and extended their support to us. We did not expect their coming so this was a big surprise to all of us both the children, parents and staff of Mary Rice Centre; along with them they brought food packages and many other things for the children from their supermarket, this was a wonderful gesture.


It is not what they brought that made the day important but just that they took their time from their own occupation and duties to come and see and spend time with us and the children at the Centre. We were very touched and happy for this act of kindness that they showed us today, this will remain in our memories be very much treasured and appreciated for it is one in a million.

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