Today at the centre was such an inspiring day, we may have gone through tough challenges for the last few day but God had a better plan for us. we were visited by safaricom senior manager Nora Mbaya and Benard from M-pesa department today who wishes to support the centre, this was surely a big blessing to the centre and the children.IMG_4537

we were very happy that they wished to support the children in their own best way.


We have officially  closed today for the December holiday, we released all the children so as t go and prepare for the Christmas holiday,w did this in accordance to the government requirement that all school should be closed 14th of this months.IMG_4527IMG_4506

Despite the tragedy  that occurred at the centre the children were presented with a Christmas gift hen going back home.the centre will resume January 6th 2015.


This is yet another bad moment for the centre in this term, this week on Tuesday night robbers broke in to the centre  and stole some of the most important things that help the centre to facilitate the centre activities on  daily basis . Some of the items were the office laptop, 4 ipad which were being used by the children to study, a printer, television and D.V.D machine which was used for entertainment for the children and music therapy,  Therapy equipment and 22 thousand Kenya shillings which was to be used for shopping for Christmas gift for the children among other things.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The matter was reported to he local police and was investigated so we are still waiting for their feedback.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA