The Magic of Technology

The children at the Mary Rice Centre have made a great start to the term and are very happy this term, due in part to an amazing gift from the community of St Virgil’s College in Hobart, Australia. St Virgil’s surprised the students of Mary Rice with the donation of   a unique gift – four iPads with a range of apps and educational games that will help our children learn through acquiring different experiences and skills.

MRC iPads 1

This is a wonderful gift for the children as it enables them to learn and experience success in areas such as preloaded alphabet training, games, cartoons, painting and other programs that they can be educated in by their teachers. The iPad will encourage and support both the children and their teachers in advancing with the technology and also learning new ways in which they can utilise and benefit from technology based learning.

The children were delighted to be able to play some games that contained animal pictures and were able to join the puzzle and identify the names of each animal. The children were working nicely with each other and greatly enjoyed using their new iPads, even if most of them did not have a clue on how to use them! However once shown and directed they quickly worked out how to operate them. Staff could quickly see  concentration levels of the children when using the iPad; they showed so much interest in learning how to use the iPad and celebrated their success when tasks were completed.

MRC iPad 2

We are very grateful to the St Virgil’s College community and their partner RTG Solutions for this wonderful gesture and their ongoing thoughts and prayers for all children and staff at the Mary Rice Centre. This gift will lay a wonderful foundation for the children who are currently with us at the Centre. We appreciate this great act of kindness from St Virgil’s and will always be grateful.

Thank you so much.

MRC iPad 3