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One of our parents affectionately called ‘Mama Beryl’ was hit by a tragedy recently when her house was burned down completely by an outbreak of fire that started in their compound.  All her belongings were completely destroyed by the fire. When the fire started she was in the house with her children preparing for a shared supper when one of her children George saw the fire burning from the wall side of their bed and alerted his mother.Photo0467 Mama beryl quickly huddled her children around her and ran out of the house to shelter her children from the fire. After making sure everyone was safely out she called for help from the neighbours who were around. it is believed the fire started from one of her adjoining neighbours.  

Her house was the second in line to catch fire so she was unable to run in and save anything. Mama Beryl, a mother of nine is one of the parents of the Mary Rice Centre who has three children at the Centre who are differently abled. She has encountered different challenges as she is responsible for all her children’s basic needs. After the incident the family were left with just the clothes on their body and did not even have any foot wear with them. The incident left 20 families homeless including Mama Beryl and like her they did not save any possessions as the fire was severe and spread very quickly to other  houses in the Kibera slum.