What a remarkable day it was, on Friday July 18 2014 when we were privileged to receive a group of young soccer players named the Kibera Black Stars. Their technical advisor had called previously and requested if his team would be allowed to visit our Centre and learn about what we do. Little did we know that there was more to the visit than that!

They really surprised us. Most visitors come to interact and play with our children and leave later in the day.

However in this case there was more to the visit than we expected!043


Just like in any normal setting, we started by an introduction which was led by the Chairman who introduced the Team Manager, the coach and the Captain of the team who took charge and introduced all the players. Following this the Mary Rice Centre Director with the help of the teacher introduced the staff and the children, and then explained to the team why Mary Rice exists and all the services we offer at the Centre to our children. After that the players sang songs for, and with the children and then closed the session with a prayer.

When we thought that we were finished they surprised us with yet some more gifts that they had bought for the children worth Kshs, 10,000. This surpassed our imagination after we saw all the things they presented to the children, they offered a bundle of maize flour and wheat flour, tissue papers, a bag of rice, juice, biscuits, sugars and fruits, all items we did not expect to see. The Centre and in particular the children were very happy for all they did that day, and the manner in which they interacted and played with our children and shared a great time together.



We were very inspired by this little symbol of kindness we received from each young man who are dedicated to make a change in the society although they don’t earn or work. The parents were at the Centre on the day for a parents meeting and they felt challenged by this group of young men who came from the same slum as them but could afford to give back to the society the little they had. They learnt that regardless of where you come from or what you do, you can always find something to give. As the saying goes, “there is no one who is too poor to give, nor too rich to receive”.

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