This week we were honoured to have visitors come to the Centre as part of the annual Carrigg Karibu program, including the Principal of St Virgil’s College, Hobart, Australia.  It was such a privilege for us to have them take the time to travel from Australia to come to Kenya and visit our Centre.

We greatly admired the humility and kindness that they have shown each time they visit us at the Centre. It was indeed an exceptional moment to be visited by teachers from colleges who are responsible in encouraging and raising this young people who have made change to our community, in the process shaping the life of many individuals like us in becoming better people in the society and being better in what we do and become in the future.

Some of the teachers who visited us were Damian (St Virgil’s College), Paul (St Bernard’s College), Betty, Francesca and Johart. We were very happy for everything they shared with us especially visiting with Mary Rice staff to student’s homes  to get to know the environment that our children come from and meet with their parents. They also shared some class room activities with the children which was an opportunity to see and  experience how and what the children learn.

This was a very successful day at the Centre. The children were very cheerful with our visitors and were delighted to present gifts to our special visitors which were made by their parent at the micro finance project that is running at the Centre.

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