Today the children of Mary Rice Centre woke up to an exciting activity; they were engaged in tree planting for the whole morning. We were joined by a few parents who helped our children to learn about the secrets of planting. As we don’t own the land we decided to use plant pots to beautify the place.

This was a good example for the community to see our children taking part in efforts to save the environment, whilst also teaching our children to be  responsible because they will have to water the plants every day and take care of the plants that they have planted.

Their efforts will help to conserve the environment around the Mary Rice Centre and provide  a fresh, green and healthy atmosphere. Most significantly the trees make the environment look more beautiful and attractive and we are happy that our community of students, parents and teachers took part in this beautiful activity.


We are very grateful to the CLT who have made it possible for us through their donation, to have a new face for the Mary Rice Centre with our beautiful plant pots.








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