It was indeed a good week in the life of the Mary Rice Centre! We welcomed back another term, our children were very happy to come back to school after a long holiday. They had all enjoyed so much time at home and now they were again ready to come back to school and continue with their daily activity and routines.

The term started well on May 5, 2014, as the staff came early to prepare for the environment so as to make a safe and secure center and conducive learning environment. This entails mopping the two classrooms, offices, kitchen, latrines and the pavements. Taking the lead during the cleaning of the premise was the staff of Mary Rice and the two young, energetic and passionate volunteers attached to the Centre for their six months volunteer community service.

We were delighted to have five new children join the Centre; Trizah, Sheila, Purity, Omar and Caroline. The Centre in total has 25 children which is the maximum number that the Centre can accommodate at the moment. The list of applicants was long but the Centre can only take this number due to the limited space at the Centre.Image

During the week, Mary Rice Centre hosted the Puppet Ministry with the collaboration   of a young and fresh graduate from the St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School, which is managed by Christian Life Community. The Puppet Ministry’s main aim is to educate the children on issues to do with personal hygiene, good eating habits and caring for others during the class time. The Ministry also created a platform for developing and nurturing the talents by providing an opportunity to the children to express themselves as a way of enhancing self –esteem. Through this activity, the children had time to dance to different tunes of local music played by the puppet ministry.