It was such a wonderful day for the Mary Rice Centre parents because they got a chance to learn different things and skills that they can use to make more beautiful products from different materials. The aim of the three day training session was to equip parents with skills on how to make different product from beads, including how to make beaded bags, beaded table mats and necklaces and bracelets from beads.


This was a very successful training session with most of the parents very interested and learning a great deal in a very short time. Presently we have a number of parents who can make perfect table mats and bags made out of beads. It is very fulfilling to see how much excitement this training has brought to the parent that now they can have started experiment on different patterns that they can make to make the products that they create more beautiful.


This training is definitely going to improve the skills of parents on bead work. The training was completed by almost all the parents at the Mary Rice Centre and is of great benefit as they all will continue to work together in sharing the knowledge they acquired.  These skills have made production much easier and smoother and will allow parents to make more distinguished and diverse products that can be more readily sold through the Centre’s contacts and outlets.







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