It was such a wonderful day for the Mary Rice Centre parents because they got a chance to learn different things and skills that they can use to make more beautiful products from different materials. The aim of the three day training session was to equip parents with skills on how to make different product from beads, including how to make beaded bags, beaded table mats and necklaces and bracelets from beads.


This was a very successful training session with most of the parents very interested and learning a great deal in a very short time. Presently we have a number of parents who can make perfect table mats and bags made out of beads. It is very fulfilling to see how much excitement this training has brought to the parent that now they can have started experiment on different patterns that they can make to make the products that they create more beautiful.


This training is definitely going to improve the skills of parents on bead work. The training was completed by almost all the parents at the Mary Rice Centre and is of great benefit as they all will continue to work together in sharing the knowledge they acquired.  These skills have made production much easier and smoother and will allow parents to make more distinguished and diverse products that can be more readily sold through the Centre’s contacts and outlets.









At Mary Rice Centre we are very happy and grateful to our sponsor for they have made it possible for us to have a more distinguished floor, the previous floor that was put in place was worn out and had holes in it and also the drainage system was poor since when it rained the water used to floor in the classrooms. This was a big challenge to the children since at those times they could not use the floor to play so most of the time they used to spend their day in class; it was also a challenge to the staff since we had to forgo our duties so as to clean up the water that had entered in the classroom.IMG_7360

But now that the new floor is in place the children are very happy so are the parents for this new adjustment, the tile are very beautiful and they make the Centre look more attractive and beautiful from a distance. The floor is also easy to manage and clean due to its smooth nature that does not need a lot of energy to clean. The children can also move freely and play happily as they enjoy themselves, they can also have a humble time to learn when it is raining without worrying about the damage the rain will cause to their peaceful day.

IMG_2475We extend our greatest gratitude to the people who are supporting Mary Rice because this will have not been possible without their help, this journey of making Mary Rice Centre a better place has been turned into reality by being supported by people of strong will to humanity and a big heart that they have extended to us, as they walk with us in each step we take to offer the best to the children of Mary Rice Centre




Excursion for the children was like a good coffee after a very tired day, it was such an amazing experience for the children at the Mamba village. This is one of the adventures that the children have an opportunity to do every term. The children really enjoyed the day, you could tell just from the smiles on their faces and the excitement they had whenever they saw something that they were unfamiliar with. It was incredible to see most of the children touching and holding the crocodile and the tortoise. This was one in a million amongst the best moment we have shared with the children and you could see how fulfilling it was to see them all happy and overjoyed with what they were doing.


This experience helped the staff of Mary Rice also discover some of the strengths and weakness of different children and how they could use them to help them improve on different levels of their lives. The most amazing thing about this trip is that it had all different kind of activities all together. The children got a chance to have the best involvement with all the activities in Mamba village, it’s like this place was designed and made for children because it had all the things that children were fond of.




Some of the activities in the area that the children enjoyed were, boat riding, face painting, horse riding, camel riding and playing in the electric swings, apart from that that the children enjoyed feeding the ostrich. The day was successful as it was supposedly to be.

An Inspiring Story!



What an inspiring day it was!

We felt motivated to keep on doing and even much better the little simple things we do at Mary Rice Centre that make a great difference to the children we serve.

On Monday the 17th of March, 2014 we got an opportunity to visit Gillian Amondi, one of the young adults who was at Mary Rice Center but has now moved to a vocational training center called Marianne school in Limuru. The main aim of the visit was to assess and evaluate what progress Gillian has made since she left Mary Rice Center.

Truly Disability is not Inability because, despite Gillian having challenges with hand functions and weakness of one side of the body, she is now able to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings using beads and pearls. She can also make table mats, handbags and small purses using different beads and pieces of wood. In addition to this she also takes tailoring classes.

When asked if she is happy with her progress she responded positively and said she was so happy and confident that she is now able to make different beautiful items that she can sell and get money to buy herself shoes, clothes and even medication.

At the end of the day we learnt a very great lesson: that all you have to offer children and young adults who are differently abled is opportunity!

ESTHER NDUNG’U (Occupational Therapist at MRC)