This is one of the best gifts among many more others that we have received in Mary Rice. This is exceptional and very exciting when we see the wheelchairs we can’t believe they are really here. We are very grateful to Wheelchairs for Kids Perth and Christian Brothers – Oceania


province for sending the chairs and ensuring they reached us safely at Mary Rice Centre. We are lucky to have people who live far away but are thinking of us.

 We were joined by our friends from Edmund Rice Camps Australia who helped us to assemble the chairs. We thank them for their hard work that made the chairs ready for use.Image

These wheelchairs are a great help to the children who cannot walk. The wheelchairs have given the children access to the playground and the chance to move around the center independently. Some of our parents used to carry their children to school. Now, with these wheelchairs the daily travel between home and school is enjoyable and gives a sense of dignity. This was a big gift to these young people; some of the beneficiaries of the wheelchairs were Dennis Otieno, David Odhiambo, Treezer Achieng and Shally.

Thanks to these wheelchairs the children who couldn’t come to school now have joined Mary Rice. Some of the children had worn out wheelchairs but the parents had no alternative. This is a great achievement to the Centre and we are so grateful for touching the hearts of these children in a great way.

We still experience ongoing problems of access. Roads and paths in Kibera are so small and congested that wheelchair access is impossible. Due to this, some children can only use chairs at school but not at home.

May the good work you are doing continue to touch the hearts of many more.