A Young Soul That Never Gives Up!

In this life it is very hard to understand how to help, and sometimes you feel so discouraged when you wish to but there is very little you can offer. Meet Trizah Nanjala, a young girl who was involved in a hit and run road traffic accident which caused her severe head injury and went into a coma for three months. After she regained her consciousness she lost her speech and her right side of the body was paralysed. So far she has regained her speech even though it is slurred but she is not able to walk. Her mother carries her every day for the therapy because she doesn’t own a wheel chair nor does she even have enough meal for her stomach.

The little food they get from the Mary Rice Centre is sometimes the only food they will have for the whole day. Trizah’s father left her after the accident and has not been seen since. With the casual job she gets, Trizah’s pays for her house rent and support her other children. Life is so challenging for her most especially because Trizah needs all the attention and she can’t give that when she is the only one all her children are looking up to.

Jasmine Jerusa

Trizah jpeg