A child’s mind is a workshop full of new ideas and expectation, everything that they do and come across to  is very new to them, that’s why we everything they come in contact with they’ll always want to have a real feeling of it. it’s amazing how big their imaginations can be, this week at Mary Rice something happened that made me appreciate our children more, indeed I realized that there is a reason why our children at Mary Rice are called special, not because of their disability but because of the amount of creativity they possess.

Risper and Titus decorating their clay with beads

On this day it was during games time and the children were playing outside as our volunteer Sharon passed through and dropped some beds on the ground, as she came back to sweep them she found that the children who were playing outside had run to class and brought the artificial clay that they had molded that day with the teacher and they were decorating them with the beds that had fallen on the ground, it was out of my imagination that they will think of that considering that they are special as the term give it, this can only prove that a child is a child after all no matter what they are.007

In this life it takes more than the brain to be creative,for our children its all special because they learn with their heart and that’s what  drives passion to their minds.