A Wonderful Day for Gillian and MRC

On Monday September 2 the third term commenced in a very happy moment for Gillian Amondi. She has been at the centre for three years and the oldest student at aged 20 years old. Gillian has joined the Marianne Centre, training centre for young adults with physical and mental disabilities. The Marianne Centre is about 45 Kilometres from Nairobi and offers the following skills: bead making, basket making, mat making, dress making, soap, shampoo and detergent making.

For the last year we have been looking for a vocational training centre which was very difficult to find space for her, as there are few centres with vacancies and most are full. We hope the centre will provide her with necessary skills which will enable her to become independent in the future.

We are sincerely grateful for the individuals and institutions who support us, especially Edmund Rice Schools in Australia such as St Virgil’s College, Tasmania for their financial support which enables Mary Rice Centre to reach out those in need, especially children with physical and mental disabilities.



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